Chick Chain

Moore County has been hosting the 4-H Chick-Chain for many years. Each year 4-H members of all ages sign up to receive twenty-five chicks. The 4-Hers are taught how to care for the young chicks before they arrive in the spring. In April the county office is all cheeps with over 250 two day old baby chicks (hopefully all hens). Our 4-Hers pick them up the day they arrive, they also pick up a fifty pound bag of Starter/Grower Feed generously provided by the Moore County Farmers Cooperative.

The agents are always available for help or questions should the 4-Hers need them. In late July to August one of the agent’s makes a visit to see how each child is progressing with their hens. The project culminates in September with a Chicken and Egg Show and Auction. Each 4-Her is asked to bring six of their twenty-five hens back to the show and auction. The hens and eggs will be judged and receive ribbons. The Grand and Reserve Grand Champion for hen and egg will receive a trophy. The hens will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go toward the purchase of the chicks for the following year. This is a well-loved program and is responsible for the sale of farm-raised/ country eggs all across Moore County.

For more information contact Alex Sparks at (931) 759-7163.