Showing Horses

Showing Horses in Moore County 4-H

Our 4-H program is a wonderful place for students to show their horse or pony of any breed, registered or non-registered. The County 4-H show in May has classes for everyone. Exhibitors must compete at the county level to proceed to the regional level. The Central Region 4-H Show is held in June at MTSU. Exhibitors who enter in the regional show are then eligible to show in the State 4-H Horse Show which is held later in June at the celebration grounds in Shelbyville.

** In order to show in 4-H, our county office must have your horses on file by March 1!!!

In addition to the 4-H benefits and awards, Moore County 4-H has an ongoing partnership with the Moore County Horseman’s Association. Each 4-H member that participates in a 4-H horse show earns money toward their own scholarship. There is $100 in scholarship funds awarded for each show; County, Regional, State and Southern Region 4-H Horse Show. If a 4-H member begins showing in the fourth grade they have the potential to earn over $2700 in scholarship money from the Horseman’s Association. This is an excellent example of how the Moore County community supports the hard work and dedication of the 4-H program.

For more information contact Alex Sparks at (931) 759-7163.

 Here is the link to the 2021 Horse Championships Handbook