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Family and Consumer Sciences faculty work with Extension agents to address important issues facing Tennesseans as they cope with social, economic and technological changes. Many of these changes threaten the health, safety and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Today as never before the subject matter of Family and Consumer Sciences such as nutrition, parenting, child care, family financial management, indoor air quality, sustainable housing, children’s environmental health, etc. have moved to the forefront of community and legislative agendas. The general public, as well as, key leaders have recognized what we inside the field have long known; addressing these issues to develop strong families ultimately leads to strong communities. The long term impact is an economic one.

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Brenda Hannah
Phone: (931) 759-7163

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Co-Parenting Education
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Parenting Apart – an educational program for divorcing parents. This program was mandated by the Tennessee State Legislature in January 2001.

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Tennessee Nutrition & Consumer Education
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The goal of TNCEP is to teach families how to choose and prepare nutritionally adequate diets and help them feel empowered to move toward self-sufficiency.
A community gathering of adults and children
Family & Community Education
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Family & Community Education clubs promote a better way of life for all through fellowship, continuing education and better service to the community.
Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program
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The Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program provides information about nutrition, food budgeting, food preparation and food safety for SNAP eligible residents of Moore County.
Adult Education classroom
On My Own
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On My Own is a hands-on, real-life simulation that gives young people the opportunity to experience their futures in a fun and exciting way.
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The Safe Side
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A program addressing the issues of Stranger Danger and Internet Safety.